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Kristen Stewart Nose Job Debate


Rhinoplasty and plastic surgery generally is such a popular thing to do in Hollywood these days that it often seems as if nearly everyone has gotten something altered, fixed, changed or filled. While some are very open and honest when asked about plastic surgery rumors, many others choose to try to keep it a secret, even though there are obviously differences in their appearances that makeup and aging just can’t explain. There are also those actresses who are very vocal and outspoken when the topic comes up – one of these is Kristen Stewart, who played Bella Swan in the “Twilight” series.

Kristen Stewart and Rhinoplasty

Stewart is certainly gorgeous, and has become quite the beautiful young woman – she’s only just now 26! The difference with Kristen is that she is very outspoken about the entire topic of plastic surgery. She has even gone so far as to say that women who choose to go under the knife “are losing their minds.” To Ms. Stewart, the idea of plastic surgery is equal to vandalism – her own words.

Stewart claims that she goes no farther than adding her signature kohl eyeliner, mineral makeup and wearing her hair messy if she wants to change the way she looks. Additionally, she says that if she really wants to change her bod, she just does what the average person does – she starts amping up her exercise. In fact, she claims she has amped it enough at times that she can do 250 pushups over a 24 hour period. Considering most of us can barely do 10, there is nothing to say about that except wow!

There have also been numerous reporters who have asked Kristen whether she would have plastic surgery. Her response, which was an emphatic “No, never. Never”, certainly makes it seem as if the actress has always stayed true to her natural look. Unfortunately, there are others who say otherwise.

Kristen Stewart Plastic Surgery Rumors

The rhinoplasty rumor has been around for quite some time, and if her older pictures are any indication, it just might be true. If you take the time to check out some of the before and after photos over Kristen, you’ll quickly notice that there is a bit of a change to her nose from her early photos. Most notably, Stewart’s nose is much smaller at the tip and a bit narrower along the bridge than it was in her earlier years.

While some naysayers claim that the changes are all based on the actress growing up a bit, there is one small problem with that claim – the nose is cartilage that doesn’t shrink as you age.

While Kristen Stewart may speak out about women who choose plastic surgery, it seems as if she may just be trying to hide her own in the process – much like many actresses do today. However, a few looks at earlier photos compared with more recent ones show that while they are on the subtle side, there are a few obvious differences in her appearance that can’t all be explained away with pushup bras and makeup.

Miley Cyrus Rhinoplasty Speculation


Miley Cyrus, who was once known as the sweet little starlet with the double life on “Hannah Montana,” has certainly left her Disney days far in the past. From her entirely new attitude to the skimpy clothes, nude music videos and outlandish antics, this is one girl who has certainly decided to forge her own path, regardless of her roots. However, as is the case with most celebrities today, there are some rumors plaguing the star and musician – that she has had plastic surgery.

Meet Miley

Now, before we take a look at those before and after photos that so many people are talking about, you should probably know that Ms. Cyrus was born in 1992. While it is always possible that plastic surgery has occurred, most women continue to change as they age – it just remains to be seen whether this is true of Miley.

Miley Cyrus Plastic Surgery Rumors

As with many celebrities, there are also Miley Cyrus plastic surgery rumors that she has had a nose job. Younger photos once again show her nose as much wider in the nostril area. More recent photos show a slimmer nose all along the length. These rumors are also rebelled against, with fans claiming that it simply has to do with aging.

There’s no denying that Miley’s looks have changed over the years, as most child stars do. While some of the plastic surgery rumors seem false, there are also those that seem perfectly reasonable. So far, Miley herself has denied that she has had any plastic surgery done at all, and she continues to claim that she is all natural.

While we might not know the truth right now, there is sure to be more discussion over Miley’s plastic surgery which will hopefully provide better answers as to whether she has had anything done.

Kerry Washington Nose Job Talk


Hollywood is filled with gorgeous women and glamour, but even they need a little help from a talented surgeon now and then. While there are many celebrities who have gone into the cosmetic surgery clinic, trying to get one of them to admit to it – even when it’s obvious – is a difficult job indeed. One such actress who has likely made some changes in her appearance is Kerry Washington.

Kerry Washington’s Plastic Surgery

There’s no denying Kerry has always been a stunning woman. Now, even though she was born in 1977, she actually looks younger than she has in previous years. Many believe that her age reversal has as much to do with cosmetic surgery as it does her genes and fitness. Keep reading to find out about the surgeries (yes, plural!) that Ms. Washington has been rumored to have had done over the years.


Kerry has likely had rhinoplasty. Her surgeon was obviously very talented. While her nose does appear a bit narrower at the tip, the difference is not overdone as we have seen on some other famous actresses. Instead, her nose fits in perfectly on her face, bringing balance to her features. And if you didn’t have the before pictures as proof, you likely wouldn’t even know she had rhinoplasty at all.


There are also many Kerry Washington plastic surgery rumors around eyelid surgery. Kerry’s eyes appear slightly more lifted now than they were in previous photos. While the changes are once again subtle, there is a noticeable difference in how her eyelids appear.

Cheek Augmentation

Washington has also been rumored to have had cheekbone augmentation performed. This rumor is based on the fact that the actress’ already gorgeous cheekbones are even more flattering now. The subtle enhancement would have only added to her stunning beauty.


Ms. Washington is also rumored to have had Botox injections. While an eyelid surgery might have done a bit to minimize the wrinkles around her eyes, it’s important to remember that she is almost 40 years old. However, if you take a close look at recent photos, this bombshell certainly doesn’t show any of the wrinkles or crow’s feet that most women her age are starting to show.

Washington Remains Silent

Even with experts making their claims, and fans noticing the changes in her appearance, Kerry Washington has remained silent about her likely plastic surgery. At this time, she has neither denied nor confirmed the rumors, which only leads many to believe that she really has had the work done.

Kerry is still gorgeous, and her appearance has only changed the slightest bit each time a new rumor pops up about her having had cosmetic surgery. And if her photos are any guide, in addition to good genes and healthy lifestyle choices, she has a talented plastic surgeon.

Selena Gomez Nose Job Buzz

When it comes to celebrity gossip, there is no denying that everyone likes to focus on how a specific actress or actor changes in the looks department. Whether it weight gain or loss, a new wrinkle or blemish, or the absolute favorite – who’s had plastic surgery done – stars are definitely in the spotlight when it comes to the rumor mill. The latest hitching a ride on that train is Selena Gomez, who was once the young Disney star on “Wizards of Waverly Place”.

Selena Gomez Plastic Surgery Rumors

While there has been plenty of gossip about the singer and actress concerning her on again off again relationship with Justin Bieber, there are finally others abounding that overshadow her “Bieber fever.”

An alteration that many believe the starlet has done is a nose job. In photos taken in Selena’s younger years, her nose was a bit wider throughout, and had a slight bump at the tip. In more recent photos, the star’s nose is noticeably thinner along the bridge and nostrils, and that noticeable bump has magically disappeared.

Additional Selena Gomez plastic surgery talk revolves around the sudden bloating of her face. Many believe the photos showing Selena with a face that was noticeably rounder and puffy were due to Botox injections, which are quite popular among the younger set of stars. It is believed that she had some sort of reaction to the injections, resulting in only her face puffing up – she obviously hadn’t gained any weight anywhere else!

Star Denial

Like most stars who are subjected to plastic surgery rumors, Selena Gomez and her spokespeople have denied that she has had anything at all done – supposedly the changes in her nose shape and size are all the magic of makeup. If we knew where we could find some makeup that works those kinds of miracles, we are sure we could put it to good use!

While stars almost always deny having any work done, when there are noticeable changes it really is silly to deny it – after all, pictures don’t lie. They might add pounds, but they never make things smaller.

Jessica Biel Rhinoplasty Rumors


Celebrities are nearly always in the spotlight, and for many of them, that glare can get just a little too bright – so much so that they begin to think there are things they need to change in order to look just a little bit better when standing in front of a camera. Since plastic surgery is such a common thing nowadays in the celebrity world, there are always rumors flying around about which one had what kind of work done. Typically, a close look at a few images will reveal the truth fairly quickly.

One such celebrity who has been rumored to have plastic surgery is Jessica Biel. Biel, who was born March 3, 1982, has been in a number of musical productions, beginning when she was a child. However, she is well known for her role on “7th Heaven,” in which she played Mary Camden. Since then, she has also appeared in “Trinity,” “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” “Blade,” “The A-Team,” “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry,” and “Total Recall.”

Jessica Biel Plastic Surgery Rumors

The rumors about Ms. Biel’s alterations slowly began emerging as her looks began to noticeably change. So far, these rumors include:


Injectable Fillers

All it takes to determine if these rumors are true is a quick look at some before and after photos. One of the most noticeable changes is definitely in the star’s nose. When she was younger, her nose was somewhat bulbous at the tip, and a bit wider along the length and the bridge. If you look at images of the actress today, she has a cute, narrow nose with a tip that is much smaller.

As for the injectable fillers, such as Jevederm and Restylane, which are done to make the lips appear fuller, there is still some speculation about this rumor. There are a few images that show Biel with much larger, more voluptuous lips than were present in her younger days – there are even images in which her lips appear misshapen. However, whether the filler has simply worn off, or if she was having a reaction to something, her lips appear quite similar when comparing older photos with more recent ones.

Biel’s Words on Plastic Surgery

While Jessica Biel has responded that she isn’t all that comfortable with her body aging, she has also said that she is even more afraid of having plastic surgery. She has also said that she would rather have wrinkles than go under the knife to have work done on her face. If we believe her sentiments, we would have to believe that her nose simply slimmed down and shrank at the tip as she got older. There are also those who claim that the fuller lips were due to plumping glosses and creams, rather than injectable fillers. While some of the photos make that look plausible, there are a couple where her lips are abnormally large, and we don’t think gloss can really do that.

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