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Lady Gaga Knows… No Nose Job for Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has always been admired for her non-conformity. When she was a young artist she was told that she should get a nose job.

While speaking to Sky News at the London premiere of A Star Is Born, Gaga opened up about the disappointing “advice” she received at the beginning of her musical career.

“I was told when I was first starting out that I should get a nose job,” she said. “But I didn’t because I wanted to be who I was.” According to The Mirror Gaga also shared that the incident happened before her first single had come out.

“I said ‘No,'” Gaga said. “I love my Italian nose.”

Well, Italian noses are beautiful and Gaga prevailed!

But, I wondered why managers and others would worry about her nose. She is a beautiful woman with a beautiful face. Her features are strong and match the strong features of her nose, which is prominent with a convex bridge. To my mind, it works for her, and emphasizes her independent, “born this way” attitude.

These two features are very often corrected with rhinoplasty, however, and there’s a reason for that in facial aesthetics. A significant hump often makes the nose look too prominent, even distracting for many faces. Lady Gaga’s strong features are to balance this strength. Secondly, the visual line that a convex bridge creates makes the nose look longer and sometimes even downward-pointing. In essence, it looks like our grandparents’ nose. It makes us look older. Lady Gaga retains a nice upward rotation of her nasal tip, which counteracts this problem. Upward rotation of the tip, like with a child’s nose, makes us look more youthful.

Khloe Kardashian Comes Clean About Her Nose Job

We all know that the Internet never forgets. Post and tag an embarrassing photo at any time, and it is entirely likely that someone, somewhere can dig it up years later – even if you deleted it. The web just works that way. This can work against celebrities, though, because so many of them deny things like plastic surgery.

Take the ongoing debates about Khloe Kardashian’s nose, or more accurately, her nose job. After all, it is easy to go online, search for her and her nose, and get an array of images that makes it plain to see that the woman has not had one…she’s had several!

There is Khloe with a slender nose, Khloe with a rounded and button sort of nose, Khloe not all that recognizable because there is an unfamiliar slope and narrowness to her nose. So, why does she say that she has never had a nose job only to give an interview discussing the “best no job of her life”?

Well, the simple answer is that Khloe Kardashian appears not to have had a nose job. Instead, she gives all of the credit for her never ending nose changes to her makeup artist Joyce Bonelli.

Contouring the Kardashians

We should have realized all along that Khloe was not lying about her non-nose jobs. After all, the Kardashians were the ones who introduced the world to the amazing powers of contouring with makeup. Little wonder, then, that one of their favorite makeup artists could so easily supply Khloe with her nose jobs. As the artist said, “what I do is transformational makeup. I’ve given Khloe [Kardashian] the best nose job for eight years with contour. No, she didn’t, it’s just makeup. It’s makeup and it’s fun.”

In fact, it was Joyce Bonelli herself that was at the very origins of the Kardashian contouring trend. It began with her doing some eyeliner projects and just grew from there. Her transformative powers have actually shaped the way we think about the famous family, and it was really shocking when Khloe posted some Snapchat images earlier this year; showing herself without any makeup and being almost totally unrecognizable.

How Does It Work?

Though Bonelli has altered her style over the years; currently favoring a more natural look for her clients, she did explain just how she tackles nose contouring. Using nothing more than a small brush and some bronzer in a tone one shade darker than the client’s skin, she just draws lines downward from the inner corner of the brow to the edges of the nose, and then uses highlighter along the bridge.

Yes, this is the “nose job” technique she so deftly uses to transform Khloe’s distinctive nose. However, the artist does regret some of the work, saying that it has flooded the Internet and is not the way makeup should be done these days.

Indicating that too many people wear too much makeup in order to get those flawless Instagram shots, she now says, “I realize that everything doesn’t need to look so perfect. There needs to be dimension.” She achieves it with good skin but bare eyes or less than perfect brows or a bit of lip color. She even says she prefers minimal product to keep a look clean.

Does this mean that the Kardashians are the result of makeup tricks, lighting and clothes? No, most of them admit to having “some work” done. Whether it is lip fillers or other more invasive treatments, they do have plastic surgery, but Khloe’s nose is her own…for now.

Bella Thorne and Her Tattooed Eyebrows

In what has to be one of the more extreme instances of celebrity Snapchats, actress Bella Thorne actually shared a recent tattooing experience with her followers. During the process, she had “permanent makeup” applied in the form of eyebrow tattoos. The process is not as permanent as it sounds, with the results being noted as lasting for up to three years.

Yet, many wondered why she would opt for the treatment as her “before” Snapchats revealed appealing and well shaped brows, while the during and after shots seemed to surprise many for their heaviness and somewhat harsh lines.

What made many worry about the decision for this form of cosmetic treatment was simply that Thorne already has amazing eyebrows. She is even known for the perfect shape and somewhat bushy volume they have; and they frame her eyes in a very flattering way.

None the less, she did sit through several hours of work, and openly admitted to discomfort when the final process of dyeing the brows began. Saying, “I think this is my least favorite part,” she just continued sending out clips and stills until a few final shots of the completed brows.

Why Do It?

According to some beauty experts, it is done by those who want to have the fullest brows with the least amount of maintenance. Pricing is less than $1000 for most clients, and they can have “touch ups” done periodically if they want to overcome any fading that might occur. Some of the best providers actually do a complimentary touch up around a month later and then charge for regular touch ups that should occur around eight months or less between treatments.

Of course, what you should know if you are considering it is that it is not technically tattooing but a process known as micropigmentation processing, which deposits the ink in the uppermost layer of the dermis. This makes it a semi permanent tattoo. It is a popular treatment for those with sparse brows who find themselves constantly filling in the brow line with makeup. It can also offer shaping for those who dislike the use of eyebrow pencils.

How It Is Done

Though Thorne did not walk her fans through the entire process, it will generally involve some threading to shape the brows and some makeup used to fill in and mark out the shape for the tattoo artist. Most providers also numb the brow area and then match up their ink color with the client’s natural hair color.

What is amazing is that the actual tattooing can take as little as 10 or 20 minutes, though the process lasts for around two hours. What many people who have had it done say, though, is that you must be mentally and emotionally prepared for the radical change the process makes in your brows.

Unfortunately, what many don’t know about the process is that you need to protect your brows for the next week, just as you would a tattoo. This is easier said than done because you will still have to wash your face and do your regular skincare, showering, hair washing and the rest, without getting water on the brows!

Do keep in mind that the sun is going to fade the color, so that too is something to be aware of if you are planning on the treatment. The dedicated sun worshiper is not really the ideal candidate for the treatment as they will end up requiring many touch ups.

Is it worth it? Based on Thorne’s reaction and those who have had it done, most love the ease it provides and think their brows have never looked better!

Kaley Cuoco Loves Her Plastic Surgery Results

It’s interesting to read about the many celebrities who absolutely insist that they have had no plastic surgery. Though there are endless numbers of photos proving that great changes have occurred to their bodies and faces, these same celebs say, “Nope, not me!”

This is why it can be so refreshing when a celebrity favorite steps up and says that they did indeed have work, and even more appealing is when they say that they loved it.

This is just another reason for the public to love actress Kaley Cuoco. It was late 2016 when she freely admitted to a nose job, and went a bit farther, saying it was the best thing she had done.

Why? She said that it was a treatment that allowed her to advance her career and become the mega TV star she is today. However, she said the real reason she loves her plastic surgery results was the affect it had on her self-esteem.

Though we might look at her today and think, “Lady… what on earth do you have to feel bad about?” The reality is that Cuoco has long struggled with her appearance, and this could not be easy working in an industry like acting. So, she had several treatments that included rhinoplasty.

She praises the treatments for making her feel sexier than she ever did before. In an interview with Women’s Health Magazine, she had this to say about her decision: ” As much as you want to love your inner self … I’m sorry, you also want to look good. I don’t think you should do it for a man or anyone else, but if it makes you feel confident, that’s amazing.”

And Cuoco is not the only celebrity who touts the psychological and emotional benefits of plastic surgery. Super sexy music star Iggy Azalea also revealed cosmetic surgery in the recent past and said it was a great choice. We’ve also seen stars like Kylie Jenner freely admitting to having lip fillers because her lips had previously been a source of insecurity.

Remember that you don’t even have to go “under the knife” if your concerns are able to be addressed with less invasive techniques. Kylie Jenner, as an example, had injectable fillers in her lips, and so too did Cuoco. You can discuss these options with your doctor and learn if they are the right solution.

Kristen Stewart Nose Job Debate


Rhinoplasty and plastic surgery generally is such a popular thing to do in Hollywood these days that it often seems as if nearly everyone has gotten something altered, fixed, changed or filled. While some are very open and honest when asked about plastic surgery rumors, many others choose to try to keep it a secret, even though there are obviously differences in their appearances that makeup and aging just can’t explain. There are also those actresses who are very vocal and outspoken when the topic comes up – one of these is Kristen Stewart, who played Bella Swan in the “Twilight” series.

Kristen Stewart and Rhinoplasty

Stewart is certainly gorgeous, and has become quite the beautiful young woman – she’s only just now 26! The difference with Kristen is that she is very outspoken about the entire topic of plastic surgery. She has even gone so far as to say that women who choose to go under the knife “are losing their minds.” To Ms. Stewart, the idea of plastic surgery is equal to vandalism – her own words.

Stewart claims that she goes no farther than adding her signature kohl eyeliner, mineral makeup and wearing her hair messy if she wants to change the way she looks. Additionally, she says that if she really wants to change her bod, she just does what the average person does – she starts amping up her exercise. In fact, she claims she has amped it enough at times that she can do 250 pushups over a 24 hour period. Considering most of us can barely do 10, there is nothing to say about that except wow!

There have also been numerous reporters who have asked Kristen whether she would have plastic surgery. Her response, which was an emphatic “No, never. Never”, certainly makes it seem as if the actress has always stayed true to her natural look. Unfortunately, there are others who say otherwise.

Kristen Stewart Plastic Surgery Rumors

The rhinoplasty rumor has been around for quite some time, and if her older pictures are any indication, it just might be true. If you take the time to check out some of the before and after photos over Kristen, you’ll quickly notice that there is a bit of a change to her nose from her early photos. Most notably, Stewart’s nose is much smaller at the tip and a bit narrower along the bridge than it was in her earlier years.

While some naysayers claim that the changes are all based on the actress growing up a bit, there is one small problem with that claim – the nose is cartilage that doesn’t shrink as you age.

While Kristen Stewart may speak out about women who choose plastic surgery, it seems as if she may just be trying to hide her own in the process – much like many actresses do today. However, a few looks at earlier photos compared with more recent ones show that while they are on the subtle side, there are a few obvious differences in her appearance that can’t all be explained away with pushup bras and makeup.