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Scarlett Johansson’s Nose Job: from Childlike Cuteness to Ladylike Beauty

It seems like Scarlett Johansson went from girl next door to sexy beauty virtually overnight. Often referred to as ScarJo, this lovely lady is often considered the epitome of delicate beauty with full lips, perfectly shaped eyes, and a lovely apple shaped face. The argument over whether or not Scarlett had plastic surgery has been a heated one for a long time. She denies it and many people point to “well-done” makeup or a “trick of the light” for the reason why she looks so much different now.

It is true that the changes to her nose are extremely subtle, but I believe they are there. Scarlett’s work is certainly minimal, but it should belong on a list of the best nose surgeries ever done on a celebrity.

Delicate Features

Scarlett has delicate features. That is what makes her such a beauty. The soft shape of her face and the fullness of her lips just speak of “womanly” features. Just a few years ago, however, there was one thing taking away from the delicacy of her look. It’s not necessarily that she looked bad with her old nose. In fact, it made her look quite a bit younger, bringing on the aforementioned “girl next door” look that we saw in movies like “the Horse Whisperer” and “Lost in Translation”.

The changes to her nose through rhinoplasty weren’t about changing that nose at all. Instead, they refined it so that this feature went along well with the delicacy of her face. The result is both dramatic and subtle at the same time. Gone is the girl and in her place is the sultry beauty that we know today.

How Her Nose Changed

It’s easy to see why some people argue that Scarlett didn’t have rhinoplasty surgery. After all, in a way, it appears that she just “grew into her nose.” That’s because the basic shape and contour didn’t change at all. She still has her same nose. There are just a few differences. The biggest difference is in the bridge. As you can see, her original bridge was thick, leading all the way up to her brow. The result made the nose look too large for her small and delicate face. The new bridge is distinctly thinner and definitely goes well with her other features.

The tip of her nose was rather bulbous giving it the unfortunately named “piggy look” when combined with the thick bridge. Very little work was done on the tip, however. Just small changes to refine it were used and the shape itself wasn’t changed at all. That’s how she still has the same nose but with just more delicate details.

Scarlett Johansson is and was a natural beauty. She began her career with her old nose, showing that she could become famous just as she was. The changes she made are so subtle that some people don’t believe any change was made at all. However, the overall delicacy of her face and features was enhanced through the most minor procedures to refine the bridge and tip of her nose.

Gisele Bundchen was a Brazilian Beauty before the Nose Job

Gisele Bundchen has been praised for so many different things. As the highest paid supermodel for more than eight years running, she gained fame all on her own, and numerous fashionistas state that she is responsible for bringing back the popularity of the “real model” instead of the skinny, underfed models of the eighties and nineties. She is often referred to as “heroin chic”. Her stunning good looks and attractive manner have landed her roles as a Victoria’s Secret Angel and as one of the most sought after models in the world.

She has also become a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for the Environment Programme, and this shows that she cares for much more than just what goes on at the runway.

The Germanic Nose

Gisele is Brazilian but of Germanic descent, and there are certain features that come along with this ethnicity, including a strong nose that is often considered “masculine.” In her case, the nose was slightly large all the way through the bridge with a slight bump just below the line of the eyes. The tip of her nose was distinctly turned down and was poorly defined. This doesn’t mean she wasn’t already beautiful. Instead, her Germanic nose just needed to be enhanced.

The Work

Nothing drastic was done to change Gisele’s nose and she still has strong Brazilian-Germanic features. Instead, contouring was used to slim the bridge and smooth out the top line. Now, she has a defined bridge that follows a straight line to a defined nostril. The tip was refined to be more delicate in a well-defined manner. Her ethnic roots weren’t lost in this rhinoplasty and she still maintains the straight, Germanic lines that are expected. The only difference is that her nose is much more feminine and definitely suites her face well.

When celebrities have a good nose job, they don’t lose themselves or their natural facial features. Instead, the surgeon understands how to take something beautiful and make it even more attractive. In this case, Gisele has delicate natural features, including defined cheekbones and a high brow. This was all enhanced with her more delicate nose. She didn’t need a full nose job, and the plastic surgeon knew that.

Was Gisele beautiful before her nose work? Most certainly, and while she was gaining fame, no one said “she would have success if she just had a different nose.” She didn’t change who she was and she certainly didn’t alter her appearance drastically. With a little work, she just added to her beauty.

I like it when patients understand that a nose job, in most cases, should be subtle. It isn’t about becoming a different person. Instead, it’s about enhancing who you are. If a patient showed me a picture of Gisele, I would know they know what it means to take something slightly disproportionate and make the small changes needed to contour it and create a line perfect for the face. This Brazilian beauty, now often referred to as Mrs. Tom Brady, will likely continue to be a megastar, not because of her excellent nose job, but because of the lovely woman that she is.

Salma Hayek Rhinoplasty: From Sultry to Smoldering

The best nose jobs aren’t those that change a person’s whole look or even change the structure of the nose itself. Instead, successful rhinoplasty will use the same basic shape and contours of a nose to enhance it. This will then improve the whole look of the face. Have you ever looked at someone and thought “there is just something different about her and she looks amazing” but you were unable to pinpoint what that “different” thing was? This is a sign of a good nose job, and Salma Hayek is a great example of it.

A Word about Ethnicity

If you take a look at examples of poor nose jobs on celebrities, you will often see one thing: the ethnicity of the individual was not kept in mind. It’s an important factor, because a nose of the wrong ethnicity will look odd or just plain out of place. Salma is a gorgeous Mexican-American woman who started her career on a Mexican television show. Her success in Hollywood has built on her sultry Hispanic beauty.

Salma’s nose job doesn’t try to change her ethnicity and it still fits well with the rest of her features. I urge patients to understand how important it is to keep this in mind. When you look at Salma Hayek, you don’t see a nose job. You see a smoldering beauty.

The Change

In my opinion, Salma didn’t have a full nose job. Instead, the work was done through careful contouring of the bridge and tip. The bridge itself was made a little narrower, curving in as it moves up toward the brow bone. The result is a distinctly feminine line. Her tip was originally rounder and more bulbous, which did make her nose more prominent on her face, standing out just a little. It didn’t have good definition and it drooped slightly. The new tip is smaller, more delicate in nature and rotated so that the lines of her nostrils can be seen. A convex line toward the tip finishes the more delicate look.

I don’t believe that Salma had a full nose job, which would include breaking and re-setting the nose, because she still has the same, smooth arch. Instead, the work she had contoured her own, natural shape into something softer and more delicate.

It’s extremely important for any patient to remember that the best nose job is a subtle one. Changes shouldn’t be so obvious that anyone can tell the work has been done. The final results shouldn’t take away from the natural beauty of the face, but should instead enhance the features. Salma is a good example of this type of work. She still has the same, smoldering eyes and full lips. Her nose is still natural to her Mexican ethnicity. The only difference is that it is now more delicate and refined. When patients bring me pictures of Salma for an example of the nose they want, I know they recognize a good rhinoplasty when they see it.

Patrick Dempsey’s Noticeable Nose Job

patrick dempsy nose job

Patrick Dempsey of Gray’s Anatomy underwent a mid-career rhinoplasty which did the opposite of what most people desire. Instead of softening his look it made his nose more distinctive, noticeable and asymmetrical. I doubt that any of these things were planned. though it gives him a more mature, rugged look that may indeed be the direction that he wanted his career to take. Note the thinner width of the tip and bridge, that is slightly twisted.

Iconic Rhinoplasty for Angelina

angelina jolie nose job

There are a few people in our culture who represent iconic beauty, and Angelina Jolie is probably at the top. Part of the lure of beauty is its seemingly preordained, predestined nature. It represents the power of the perfect union of elements in nature, an immutable force that just happens. We marvel at its power, because it is a magical occurrence, like the alignment of the stars.

Well, as I always say, “It’s better to have great genes than a great plastic surgeon.” Angelina Jolie had both. While she is an iconic beauty today, she was not always that way. She had almost all the stars aligned, except for her boxy, overly prominent nasal tip. Rhinoplasty for Angelina Jolie involved reducing the size of the tip cartilages, which made the tip smaller, more pointed and compact. More importantly, her new tip no longer disrupted the flow of the visual line from her forehead down her nose.

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