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Rihannaplasty – Did Rihanna Have a Nose Job?

rihanna nose job

Rihanna had plastic surgery, or did she? That is always the tantalizing question. On the one hand, we want our stars to have celestial bodies, clearly god-given and unattainable for mere mortals. On the other hand, we can become jealous of the gods, at times, and say to ourselves: “I could be a star, if only I had (fill in the blank).”

Well, Rihanna is already a supernova, and her rhinoplasty simply refines her brilliance. Yes, I confirm the fact that having performed thousands of rhinoplasties, Rihanna had rhinoplasty. You can see how her nostrils are less bulky, but still ethnically appropriate. Her midportion of her nose has more linear, and less triangular look to it. Her tip is narrower, and has a slight upward tilt. Sometimes we watch plastic surgery lead celebrities like meteors careening to an earthly demise. Other times, the stars just shine brighter and we just have to admire them.

Blake Lively Didn’t Need a Nose Job to Be Famous

Blake Lively is well know for being a star on “Gossip Girl.” In my world of facial plastic surgery, she is cited by my patients as being an example of good rhinoplasty. I often ask patients, “whose nose do you like?” I usually get the answer that they don’t want anyone else’s nose, but one that suits their face. They want a nose that minimizes their own prominent or exaggerated features, whether its a bulbous tip or prominent hump, but still looks like their nose. In essence, they want to soften or miniaturize their nasal features that they feel are too strong or distracting, which do not blend with their face, and stand out in prominence. They are almost like caricatured features that disrupt the harmony of the face, because they focus our attention on them. Yet, these patients don’t want to get rid of these features. Usually they just want to visually “soften” them. My patients don’t want to be someone else, they just want to be a better version of themself. This is a great misunderstanding among people who malign plastic surgery as an attempt by insecure people to change their identity into someone that they naively believe will feel more comfortable to them. The vast majority of patients still want to look like themselves. In fact, they often don’t even want anyone to notice they’ve changed. Really.

This is where Blake Lively comes in. She was a successful actress before her rhinoplasty, and a beautiful woman. In fact, with my actor/model patients they are making a good living with the face they have. They just want to fix a few flaws or refine what they have, in order to get to the next level in their career. In Blake Lively’s case, she had a prominent tip that was wide and downwardly pointed, especially when smiling. She also had a matching wide nasal bridge. In her rhinoplasty, she had some tip cartilage removed, the tip defining points narrowed, and her tip rotated up. In addition, her bridge was slightly lowered and substantially narrowed. Her look was not substantially changed, however. Her tip is simply miniaturized and repositioned. It’s still her tip. Her bridge is simply transformed to match her new tip.

She is still Blake Lively, just a better Blake.

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Kim Kardashian’s Nose Job: a Forensic Analysis

Kim Kardashian Nose Job Before and After

I have a lot of young patient’s who bring me pictures of the “Kim Kardashian nose job” during their pre-operative visit at my Los Angeles office. What I’m impressed with beyond her natural beauty, is that these young patients could even recognize Kim Kardashian’s plastic surgery. It is a subtle change, but does all the wonderful things that finesse rhinoplasty can do. Kim Kardashian’s plastic surgeon must have know that s/he was messing with near perfection. But the human perception can be highly fickle, and anything that distracts from the beautiful symmetry of someone’s eyes will undermine our attention. This is a subconscious phenomenon that is with us from an early age. Many of my rhinoplasty patients are very articulate about these subtlties.

Here’s what I notice about Kim Kardashian’s plastic surgery from a rhinoplasty surgeon’s point of view. I see a visual line that extends around the eyebrow to the nasal tip. This is the line that forms a frame around the eye on each side. We want it to be a clean concave line. In the before picture, this line starts out flattenned at the brow, then turns concave, and then turns convex toward the tip, giving it a “pear” shape. Her nasal tip is relatively large though reasonably sized given her prominent eyes. Her nasal tip is under-rotated, pointing down especially when she smiles. The post-operative picture shows clean, symmetrical concave visual lines surrounding the eyes. The contour of her lower/tip cartilages have been reduced and refined. Kim Kardashian’s nasal tip has been rotated up in a way that reveals the underside of her delicate nostrils and shortens her nose to a length similar to that of her brow if it were turned 90-degrees on its side.

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Ashlee Simpson Nose Job: A Plastic Surgeon’s Perspective


In the current edition of Us Weekly, Ashlee Simpson seems to acknowledge her rhinoplasty for the first time, saying, “I think as long as people have two eyes, then you probably know the answer.” But is she happy with the work that was done? She goes on to say, “I don’t think I am more beautiful than I was [before].” Perhaps she’s being modest. Let’s take a look at Ashlee’s work from a professional point of view.

The biggest change that we notice from profile view is the conversion of her convex nasal bridge to a relatively straight bridge. This is accomplished by cutting the cartilage and bone of the bridge off. This leaves an “open roof” of nasal bones that is closed surgically with controlled fracture of the nasal bones inward. The result is a narrower, smaller nose with a straight profile. From the profile views, another interesting thing happens visually. The tip of the nose appears to rotate upward as the bump is removed. While sometimes its necessary to surgically rotate the tip for droopy nasal tips, Ashley’s new perkier tip is mostly an optical illusion. Her tip has also been refined by debulking some of the tip cartilages.