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Dr. Rawnsley on Revision Rhinoplasty UPDATE

Rhinoplasty is a difficult surgery to do well. Revision rhinoplasty is even more difficult because you have to deal with a lot of issues that you don’t have to deal with in fresh tissue. You have scar to deal with, you have unknown deformities, you have to be a skilled technician, a skilled surgeon. I have done a lot of revision rhinoplasty. I fixed a lot of people’s problems having been faculty UCLA for many years teaching this to other students, to fellows, you get a lot of experience that’s invaluable for for fixing these kind of problems. The other thing is just volume. For rhinoplasty you just need to do a lot of it to be good at it. Same thing with revision rhinoplasty, you just have to have a lot of experience to know when you face certain situations what to do because there are a myriad of different situations to face. I think for all those reasons people seek me out for revision rhinoplasty.

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Dr. Rawnsley on What To Expect Before Rhinoplasty UPDATE

Rhinoplasty is a really common procedure, especially in my practice. And a lot of patients have thought about it for years before they ever take this first step really to to make it a reality. And when you’re shopping around looking online, it’s really important that you find somebody for this very important decision that you feel comfortable with and that you like the results and you feel confident in.

A lot of what’s going to happen when you come to see me is getting to know me, me getting to know you, knowing what your desires are what you want you, talking about the functionality – because the nose is a breathing organ, and we have to address all those concerns. And then aesthetically to understand what you like. I oftentimes ask patients whose nose they like. I’m not going to give you that nose, but it gives me an idea of their aesthetic and the face they kind of identify with and it’s the way we can start that conversation. And then of course we talk about- we take some pictures of you, and I’ll use digital imaging to sort of morph things and show you what I think in my expert opinion, would look the best for you. And it’s also a great opportunity for us to kind of look at you, your picture your face together, as almost like a third person, and to for us to look and morph and decide what we like and what works and what doesn’t work.

So that’s a real important process as well. You’re going to get to know our office staff, you’re going to get to know Suzanne– you’ll probably know her well by the time you come in. And I just want you to feel that all your questions are answered, that you understand what the process is going to be, you feel comfortable with that. I’ll send you those email pictures just so that you can look at them and decide whether that’s something that you like. And when I see you again in consultation, because I always see you a second time prior to surgery, you’ll have thought about this, you’ll have questions and thoughts that we can address, and we can change our plan slightly if we decide to. So that it’s a really important process and it’s one that I think people hesitate to committing to because it’s new, it’s surgery, a big event and should be a very positive event for you. So I hope that’s the case for you when you come to see our office.

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Mila Kunis is a Ukranian… with a Beautiful Nose

Mila Kunis Nose Job

Mila Kunis is a Ukranian-American woman of Jewish heritage. She is a well-know actress, who started her career on TV in the series “The 70’s Show.” She has also had an extensive film career as well –  Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Black Swan, Max Payne, and more.

So what accounts for her success? Well, she is clearly a talented actress, able to cross over from TV to film. But I think that her classic beauty helped her most of all. Mila Kunis has these prominent, large beautiful eyes that are common with her Russian heritage. The eyes are very commonly the focal point of many beautiful faces. And yet with her beautiful features, she has had rhinoplasty to my eye, as well as others’ observations. Why would such a beautiful woman with an already successful career, choose to have rhinoplasty? I have many beautiful patients who simply desire to enhance their beauty even more. They want to improve their appearance, but often in small ways. Often finesse rhinoplasty is the answer: narrowing and otherwise subtlely miniaturizing or enhancing their nasal features.

Mila Kunis comes from a long history of eastern European and Jewish people who have used rhinoplasty to enhance their appearance and improve their chances to succeed in life. American Jews were at the center of modern rhinoplasty’s rise in America almost a hundred years ago. While early rhinoplasty usually involved hump reduction only, Mila’s rhinoplasty mostly involves subtle narrowing of the bridge and narrowing of the tip, with minimal removal of tip cartilage. The nose retains its basic shape, but becomes less “heavy” in its appearance. After surgery, the nose is slightly less prominent, and less distracting from her beautiful eyes. This is rhinoplasty at its best, when subtle changes have a positive effect.

5 Things To Do in Los Angeles After your Rhinoplasty

When you are deciding about where to have your rhinoplasty, you are naturally thinking about the surgeon, the imaging, the surgery center, your health. But despite all the thought and maybe even a little anxiety, have you thought about what you are going to do for the week after your rhinoplasty?

When you come to Los Angeles for your surgery, you have entered a culture that celebrates fun and beauty. So you should enjoy yourself here. Don’t worry that you have a cast on your nose, you won’t standout (think of all the casted girls at Reese Witherspoon’s high school in “Clueless”). People in L.A. have seen it all, and they just don’t care, so you neither should you.

The first place that I recommend for the newbie is the beach. Go in the morning, and put your zipped hoodie on for privacy. If you go west down Wilshire Boulvedard, you will run into the ocean in a few miles in Santa Monica. Santa Monica is a beautiful tourist destination for its beach, the Third Street Promenade outdoor shopping mall and its amusement pier. If you want a more scenic experience, drive a few miles up the coast on the Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu.

Some people prefer to hermit away at luxury hotel, like the Pennisula in Beverly Hills down the street, and pamper themselves with breakfast in bed and the sort. But when you are ready to break out of your shell, you simply walk out the hotel door and you are in the Golden Triangle, the most Chi-Chi shopping experience you will ever have. Blocks and blocks of Chanel, Fendi, Tory Burch, Prada, Barney’s and many others. Don’t forget lunch at Fred’s at Barney’s.

Century City has an outdoor mall that is more eclectic, fun to just walk through. They have great shopping from designer boutiques to anchor stores like Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s. Don’t forget Eataly, the multi-Italian market and restaurant, or the more private, dark pan-Asian Rock Sugar. If you want a more private and restful break, Century City has a large AMC Multiplex theater to catch that first-release movie you wanted to see.

For the more adventurous, who came “all this way” and may never come to Los Angeles again, try Disneyland. It is truly the “happiest place on earth.” It will create another great memory, when you look at your new nose in the mirror.

Just remember to wear a hat…

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