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Jeffrey Rawnsley M.D.

I cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Jeff Rawnsley... I look exactly the way I did ten years ago!! I could not be happier!

Why Dr. Jeffrey Rawnsley for facial rejuvenation or a facelift in Los Angeles

Not all Los Angeles Facelift surgeons are created equal. Dr. Jeffrey Rawnsley is a facial plastic surgeon, a sub-specialty of cosmetic surgery with extensive additional training. He is the co-director of the Facial Plastic Surgery Center at UCLA, not only practicing cosmetic surgery... but teaching it. And more than anything he brings all his experience, skill and artistry to each patient in order to create the most natural, youthful result for your unique face and your personal concerns.

As your face ages

With age comes experience and fine lines, wisdom and loose skin. Gravity and the sun, your cells and your lifestyle all conspire to age your face. And while you may not feel old, you're concerned that you're looking older, older than you feel. You embrace all the riches that come with maturing, but perhaps you'd like to slow, even reverse, some of its visible aspects on your face.

Where you see it and how you don't

The first place you may have noticed Time's effects is around the eyes -- lines in the corners, skin loosening above and beneath, presenting shadows, lines, perhaps bags. There are several different approaches to address these concerns, from injectable treatments to blepharoplasty to endoscopic brow lift.

As you age you notice more lines around the mouth and nose, wrinkles in the forehead, your skin loosens and fine lines grow deeper, your furrowed brow isn't unfurrowing like it used to, lines become wrinkles. A face lift surgery can smooth out the lines and creases in your face by repositioning the tissue that has sagged and stretched, smoothing it out, pulling it up and back. And while the word "facelift" may be hard to ignore, in the hands of a specialist facial plastic surgeon, the fact that you've had one will be almost invisible.

For a long time the neck was one of the few areas which remained as a "tell." Folds and creases between your chin and and collarbone can be covered beautifully in pearls, but they can now also be effectively decreased and tightened using advanced, non-invasive Ultherapy® technology. Ultherapy® uses directed ultrasound beams to target the tissue beneath your sagging skin, causing it to retract and tighten naturally in response. Learn more about Ultherapy®