Blepharoplasty & Browlift & Eyelashes

All of these procedures aim to enhance your looks, not to change them, and to return the much-missed sparkle from to your eyes that you enjoyed in your youth.

Eye Lash Enhancement:

Latisse is a non-invasive at-home treatment that is applied directly to the upper lashes with a special applicator. There is no recovery time, discomfort or pain. Apply daily for six to twelve weeks until their full effect occurs, and then just every other day from then on (the full effect is usually seen after 16 weeks).

Endoscopic Brow Lift:

Small incisions are made behind the hair line and the video- assisted endoscope assists to weaken the overly strong muscles that cause wrinkles and allows the surgeon to gently lift the brow. There will be minimal swelling and occasionally bruising in the forehead, cheek and eye region for 7 to 10 days. Patients are recommended to use a cold compress and to keep their heads elevated after surgery to reduce swelling. There is some temporary numbness and itchiness following surgery but full recovery is expected within two weeks.

Eye Lid Surgery/ Blepharoplasty:

For upper eyelid surgery, a fine incision is made in the lid’s natural skin fold to remove excess skin and restore the smooth curve of the upper eyelid, while the pouching fat is re-contoured if necessary. The treatment is done under anesthesia with little discomfort and no pain. The patient can expect bruising and swelling for a week afterwards and some mildly blurred vision for several days, but will be fully capable of working from home if needed during the recovery time.

Lower eye lid surgery is usually done without sutures or scars by removing fat directly from the inside surface of the lower eyelid. The lower eyelid skin can be rejuvenated and tightened with laser resurfacing if needed.

Injectable Eyelid Makeover:

Restylane or Juvederm can be injected in affected areas around the eyes to fill in mid-face grooves between the eyelid fat pad and the cheek to reduce the appearance of bags and “tear troughs,” the groove between the nose and lower eyelid. Each treatment lasts 6 to 12 months. A local anesthesia is used so there is little discomfort or pain and recovery time is limited to swelling for a couple of days afterwards.


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