Options for Facelift Surgery

Plastic surgery has come a long way since producing those pulled back faces with cat-like eyes. With good plastic surgery, you can't even tell that something's been "done," you just know that you somehow look "better," more refreshed, less tired.


In addition to updated technology, surgeons who are trained in today's most advanced techniques are addressing the face in these new ways:

Skin Re-Draping

We have a better understanding of the anatomy of the face. Instead of tightening the skin, we work to tighten the underlying structure, then allow the skin to re-drape on top creating a more natural look.


We are also paying more attention to the mid-face, lifting in a minimally invasive fashion in order to create more harmony between the upper, mid and lower face and neck regions.

Selective Procedures

"You will look like your younger self again."

Instead of doing a full face lift, good surgeons cater to a client's individual needs, addressing specific problem areas as opposed to tackling the entire face. In essence, we are doing a lot of little procedures, instead of one big one. Rest assured that you will not leave my office looking different or like you've had work done, but instead, you will look like your younger self again.