Iconic Rhinoplasty for Angelina

There are a few people in our culture who represent iconic beauty, and Angelina Jolie is probably at the top. Part of the lure of beauty is its seemingly preordained, predestined nature. It represents the power of the perfect union of elements in nature, an immutable force that just happens. We marvel at its power, because it is a magical occurrence, like the alignment of the stars.
Well, as I always say, “It’s better to have great genes than a great plastic surgeon.” Angelina Jolie had both. While she is an iconic beauty today, she was not always that way. She had almost all the stars aligned, except for her boxy, overly prominent nasal tip. Rhinoplasty for Angelina Jolie involved reducing the size of the tip cartilages, which made the tip smaller, more pointed and compact. More importantly, her new tip no longer disrupted the flow of the visual line from her forehead down her nose.