What’s The Best Type of Minimally-Invasive Cosmetic Procedure for You?

Reduced Wrinkles:

Botox and Dysport, FDA-approved injectables, are the most effective solution for a smoother, wrinkle-free face. It relaxes fine lines by preventing the muscles behind the wrinkles to contract and lasts for four to six months. More than reducing the visible signs of stress, constant frowns, and tired-looking eyes, Botox and Dysport can actually prevent dynamic lines from becoming fixed in the skin, which is why they becoming increasingly popular amongst younger patients who want to actually prevent the appearance of aging.

Less Lines and Folds:

Restylane® and Juvaderm are among a new generation of fillers made from the main chemical component of skin – hyaluronic acid – that treats severe facial wrinkles, folds and lines by replacing lost volume, smoothing and re-contouring the skin. It is also ../commonly used to re-plump lips, making them appear naturally supple and firm.


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