Rhinoplasty Imaging Says 1,000 Words

Deciding who performs your rhinoplasty can be a difficult decision. 

Many rhinoplasty surgeons look good on paper. Many are pleasant to talk to, and have nice offices and staff.

While all of these things are important for your relationship, I find that preoperative imaging is one of the most significant factors for potential patients in my office. It transforms the rhinoplasty from just a verbal description of desired results to a concrete image of how the procedure will actually affect one’s face. 

It all starts with the goal

Rhinoplasty is a procedure with a very defined goal to improve one’s physical appearance. 

It is a very definitive goal that still has much subjectivity in judgement for the surgeon and the patient. I find that by using a Photoshop—style program and well—shot photographs, I can realistically create what I would consider to be an optimal result that patients can readily understand. I can adjust these images to precisely address patients’ goals for the results. 

I find preoperative imaging is very satisfying for patients, because it reassures them that we share the same goals for the optimal result. 

Transforming words into a tangible image

Once I start the imaging process, the patient and I connect on a level that is more “real” for both of us. It transcends mere words, and creates a tangible image of the beautiful changes that the patient can expect. 

Imaging gives us a roadmap to guide the rest of the procedure process.

I take these images to surgery with me to create an idealized result that’s satisfying to both me and the patient. It’s so important to me that the surgery remains focused on the patient and their vision. If a rhinoplasty surgeon achieves their own ideal result, but it doesn’t match the patient’s ideal, then the surgery was not successful. 

Ready to see your preoperative imaging?

Preoperative imaging is a vital element for providing successful outcomes for my patients. 

If you want to learn more about the consultation process or you’re interested to see how preoperative imaging can help you better envision your rhinoplasty, feel free to call our office.