Nose Reshaping


Jeffrey Rawnsley M.D.

Dr. Rawnsley has provided me with a new found confidence and self esteem..... Thank you Dr. Rawnsley for the great results!”

Melody V. 10/9/12

Your Perfect Nose

Your perfect nose is dictated by your face shape, personality, age and ethnicity. Visually, a commonly considered "perfect nose" takes into account these relationships...

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The Rawnsley Rhinoplasty Difference

Dr. Rawnsley created "Soft Touch" Rhinoplasty, a technique that gently reshapes the nose from the inside, creating a more natural appearance...

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How long is the recovery from rhinoplasty surgery?

After about a week you will come in for a post-operative appointment where we'll remove the cast. You'll be able to see the result for the first time then but there will be some swelling. After about two weeks you can expect swelling to reduce by around 80%.

How can I reduce bruising and swelling after rhinoplasty surgery?

We recommend that you begin taking the supplement Arnica Montana before surgery. After surgery you can continue taking Arnica and Bromelain (protein-digesting enzymes which are naturally found in pineapples).

What happens before rhinoplasty surgery?

Usually a week before surgery you'll come in to see me. We'll review your digital imaging from your consultation. We'll talk about whether there's anything you would like to change, anything you'd like to address, usually it's just a matter of degrees as at this point we will have thought a lot about what we're going to do. And then you'll receive some prescriptions – antibiotics, pain medicine if needed, and anti-nausea. We'll talk about the risks and benefits of surgery. Rhinoplasty is a very safe surgery if you're otherwise healthy.

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