Chloe F., Los Angeles, CA

Chloe F., Los Angeles, CA

It’s been three months since I had my rhinoplasty with Dr. Rawnsley and I cannot recommend him and his staff enough. The whole experience has been absolutely incredible and my nose speaks for itself.


I chose Dr. Rawnsley because he gives a natural looking nose, meaning he gives you the best nose your face was supposed to have. This is great for someone who doesn’t want to look like they had “work done” and for people who want to still look unique.


I did not have a major issue with my nose (a slight bump), but had disliked it for a reason I couldn’t explain. And this is where Dr. Rawnsley’s expertise and his eye came into play. He was able to figure out what I liked about my face and nose and what I didn’t, then worked with me on several occasions with the pre-op imaging to get the look I wanted (and as a perfectionist, it was quite a difficult task!).


The actual operation was a breeze. The office provides complimentary Arnicare, and I barely had any bruising after my surgery. Dr. Rawnsley performed a closed rhinoplasty and does not pack the nose, which made for a relatively painless and comfortable recovery.


My result is better than I expected. Aesthetically it looks just like the pre-op imaging, but I was not expecting how people would react. I receive a lot of compliments like you look “younger” and “fresher”, a testament to how natural it looks. I had many close friends and family who were against the surgery, saying I didn’t need it, but now they are absolutely in love with my nose and how it has enhanced my features.


And side note, the patient coordinator is absolutely amazing. She is so warm and inviting. If you have any hesitations, she is there right away with questions and is your biggest cheerleader. Sometimes I think she is more excited about my nose than I am, which was exactly what I needed for the times when I was nervous before the procedure. I cannot recommend Dr. Rawnsley’s office more!