K.L., Santa Monica, CA

K.L., Santa Monica, CA

Had a septorhinoplasty with Dr. R. He did an AMAZING job.


I spent a year researching doctor’s in Los Angeles. Here’s the process I went through to pick Dr. Rawnsley:


First, I did tons of scanning websites for the before and after pictures. Something I looked for were doctors that specialized in the face and nose. Any doctors that did everything like lipo, boobs AND face etc was a red flag that they wouldn’t be as skilled in the nose. I genuinely was scared away from so many doctors because of their heavy handedness and lack of finesse (and also perturbed that they take people’s money for such mediocre work). When I saw Dr. Rawnsley’s website, from the get-go, his work stood out to me. Everyone’s noses he worked on looked to have an artful, soft and delicate touch. They looked more “expensive” to me. He was the first doctor I made an appointment with. I never had been to a plastic surgeon’s office before so I had no idea what to expect but the staff told me not to rush and to make the most educated decision since it was a big, life altering decision, and not to mention, an expensive one. So, for a year I made appointments with other doctors (not many though, about 4) and thought long and hard and if I truly wanted to do it. (The reason I wanted to do it is because I broke my nose in high school which resulted in a slightly crooked nose that pointed off to the left with a slightly more than minor hump and some breathing problems). Finally, once I decided it was something I really wanted to do, I knew that out of all the doctors I saw, I was most comfortable with Dr. Rawnsley, both with his aesthetic and in person. A couple doctors I met with were impatient with some of my questions whereas Dr. Rawnsley seemed to realize it’s a process I have never been through and that it’s my right to have all the answers I need before taking the plunge.


The day of the surgery, everyone made me feel very comfortable and after the surgery, everyone was very accessible if I had any questions or concerns about the healing process. The staff was great and comforting and always patient and friendly.


I’m almost 3 months post surgery and my results look beautiful. They are incredibly subtle in a good way. No one would ever know I had a “nose job” unless they knew my nose well before. It’s nice and straight with no bump and a beautiful line. Super glad I did it.


I seriously highly recommend Dr. Rawnsley. For reals.