S.L., Santa Monica, CA

S.L., Santa Monica, CA

I originally called this office because Dr. Rawnsley was on my list of healthcare providers through my insurance co. (This was 6 years ago)….. anyway, I needed sinus surgery (removal of nasal polyps– oh what fun). I thought it was hilarious that when I called, the receptionist asked if there was anything else I wanted to have done. I was like “What?”…… She explained that this doc. started as an ear, nose, and throat specialist, but he is now a cosmetic specialist as well.


There was a tiny area on the tip of my nose that I felt drooped a bit between the nostrils that my former plastic surgeon was too scared to do because it was so minor and working in millimeters can be kind of scary because if they take off too much, then everyone is in trouble. Most of my friends couldn’t even see what I wanted to have done, but it was something that I thought would look really good if it was completed with accuracy (again… we are talking about millimeters!). It would take a skilled surgeon to do exactly what I had in mind.


When I saw Dr. Rawnsley, he seemed very confident and quick to say “no problem”….. One might even say he comes across as cocky. I was very nervous because he had not been referred to me so I didn’t know enough about his work to feel 100% confident in what I was about to do. His name was simply the first one that came up when I did my search of healthcare providers in my area.


In addition, he was pretty quick to say that he could do it (It didn’t even appear as if he had to give it much thought)… keep in mind, my last plastic surgeon was too scared because it required such accuracy. So, naturally, I was hesitant and mentally went back and forth as to whether or not I should go through with the cosmetic portion.


Well, the gamble paid off. The result was exactly what I asked for. I was amazed. My sinus problem is a recurring one and I was well aware (even before calling this office) that I will likely have to endure this surgery about every 7 years or so. This was already my 3rd sinus procedure (Prior to him, I had 2 other docs. in northern CA that performed the surgery).


Now, I won’t dread this necessary surgery every 7 years because I will definitely add a little nip or a tuck every time I have to go through this ordeal. Might as well make lemonade out of my lemons, right?


I also thought their staff was informative, patient, and caring.


BTW…. looking at the before and after photos on here, I wish I had gone to Dr. Rawnsley for my initial nose job.