He performed my husbands Nose surgery two weeks ago, and I wanted to let him know that he did an excellent job. Besides the fact that my Husbands nose is exactly what it was before the accident, he can comfortable breath though his nose now, Dr. Rawnsley was able to correct a pretty severe fracture and septal cartilage damage.


I personally have worked in plastic surgery for many years, being an OR Nurse as well as a Recovery Nurse and have seen hundred’s of procedures and many Rhinoplasty’s.


Our experience at UCLA was superb…

From a quick check in on the day of surgery, to very nice staff managing him during his stay, as well as Anesthesia…


They did a great job, John woke up quickly, clear and alert with no nausea.


We liked the fact that we could speak with Dr. Rawnsley before surgery and ask him as many questions as we needed too.Thank you again Dr. Rawnsley for doing a superb job, and getting us though a potential difficult surgery and recovery, mostly in a breeze.


Job well done… thank you!