Dr. Rawnsley Reviews & Testimonials

K.L., Santa Monica, CA

Had a septorhinoplasty with Dr. R. He did an AMAZING job.


I spent a year researching doctor’s in Los Angeles. Here’s the process I went through to pick Dr. Rawnsley:


First, I did tons of scanning websites for the before and after pictures. Something I looked for were doctors that specialized in the face and nose. Any doctors that did everything like lipo, boobs AND face etc was a red flag that they wouldn’t be as skilled in the nose. I genuinely was scared away from so many doctors because of their heavy handedness and lack of finesse (and also perturbed that they take people’s money for such mediocre work). When I saw Dr. Rawnsley’s website, from the get-go, his work stood out to me. Everyone’s noses he worked on looked to have an artful, soft and delicate touch. They looked more “expensive” to me. He was the first doctor I made an appointment with. I never had been to a plastic surgeon’s office before so I had no idea what to expect but the staff told me not to rush and to make the most educated decision since it was a big, life altering decision, and not to mention, an expensive one. So, for a year I made appointments with other doctors (not many though, about 4) and thought long and hard and if I truly wanted to do it. (The reason I wanted to do it is because I broke my nose in high school which resulted in a slightly crooked nose that pointed off to the left with a slightly more than minor hump and some breathing problems). Finally, once I decided it was something I really wanted to do, I knew that out of all the doctors I saw, I was most comfortable with Dr. Rawnsley, both with his aesthetic and in person. A couple doctors I met with were impatient with some of my questions whereas Dr. Rawnsley seemed to realize it’s a process I have never been through and that it’s my right to have all the answers I need before taking the plunge.


The day of the surgery, everyone made me feel very comfortable and after the surgery, everyone was very accessible if I had any questions or concerns about the healing process. The staff was great and comforting and always patient and friendly.


I’m almost 3 months post surgery and my results look beautiful. They are incredibly subtle in a good way. No one would ever know I had a “nose job” unless they knew my nose well before. It’s nice and straight with no bump and a beautiful line. Super glad I did it.


I seriously highly recommend Dr. Rawnsley. For reals.

T.S., Brentwood, CA

I received this referral to Dr. Rawnsley from my cousin who had amazing results that were very natural and that is exactly what I was looking for in a rhinoplasty. It turned out exactly as I had hoped, natural and proportionate to my face and my other features. The digital images were very helpful in assisting with the final results! The office is very professional and I felt in good hands with Dr. Rawnsley. I would highly recommend him!


My only critique would be I think someone from the office (or Dr. Rawnsley) should have called post operatively to see how I was doing.

M.M., San Diego, CA

Dr. Rawnsley is an artist! I have no idea why there aren’t more reviews on him. I found him on YouTube when I was looking for videos of actual rhinoplasty results and he popped up. Do not trust photos alone! Photoshop and face altering apps can disguise results. You really need to see a nose in person or in video. Since I had such a hard time getting any referrals I definitely needed to see video and Dr. Rawnsley’s website has an abundance of video testimonials. His office manager is such a sweet heart and my overall experience was great. Not only are his aesthetics that of an architect, his care and concern were reassuring. I trusted my face and my nose specifically with him and he did not disappoint! I didn’t anticipate the psychological stress of surgery especially the impact of something like a slight change in the face could do and thank God Dr. Rawnsley did an amazing job. I really can’t imagine having gone anywhere else. He made subtle changes that left my face more harmonious. I’m still a few months post but I love what I see in pictures now! Thank you Dr. Rawnsley and the UCLA surgery staff!

K.C., Irvine, CA

I highly recommend Dr. Rawnsley and his office staff. Let me provide some background information. Since I was a child I’ve always disliked nose. I have thought about rhinoplasty for years. Finally, after years of thinking about it but never doing anything, I decided to proceed with my rhinoplasty and scheduled consultations with several plastic surgeons. I was so excited for my first appointment – I was finally moving ahead with something that was so important to me. Then I met a doctor (not Dr. Rawnsley) and my hopes were so deflated. The doctor said he wasn’t excited to work on my nose (I was shocked someone would say that) and his demeanor and attitude were not professional. I left this office thinking maybe a rhinoplasty wasn’t for me. I met with two other highly recommended doctors and although their demeanor and professionalism were great there was something missing. Then I met Dr. Rawnsley. I knew right away this was my doctor. He was polite, professional, made me feel extremely comfortable, and we just clicked. We discussed my nose, my dislikes and thoughts. He took photos and then modified the photo of my nose. Here is what solidified Dr. Rawnsley for me – as he was looking at the images he modified my nose to an end result that was exactly what I was desiring in my rhinoplasty. I know these are just images but this told me that Dr. Rawnsley and I were on the same page. So if there were developments during surgery or something became more complicated I knew his vision was the same as mine. I look back at my consultations with the other doctors and although one was extremely unpleasant I am glad that I experienced those meetings because I don’t think I would have appreciated Dr. Rawnsley as much as I did and still do. Fast forward to my surgery day and I was extremely nervous, Dr. Rawnsley walks in and his confidence just calms you. I would also like to add that one of the nurses at the surgery center commented on what a great surgeon Dr. Rawnsley is and how sweet the staff is. This shows you how people outside of their office perceive them and that’s important. I’m now three months post-surgery and I am very happy with the results. The tip of my nose is swollen which is completely normal and everything is progressing wonderfully. Plastic surgery is something very personal and you need a doctor that you feel is right for you. If anyone is considering rhinoplasty, I recommend that you meet with Dr. Rawnsley. His professionalism, confidence, knowledge, and general demeanor will guide you through this process and you will know you have chosen the right doctor.

C.H., Los Angeles, CA

So glad I went to Dr. Rawnsley!
I broke my nose years ago and decided to go to Dr. Rawnsley– very glad I did. I was recommended him by a friend who had a great experience with her surgery. I loved that he is a part of UCLA Medical, located in a good location, and has a reputable resume. It was especially appealing to me that he had a specialty in Ear, Nose, and Throat in addition to Plastic Surgery.


While I was interested in improving the aesthetics of my nose during the process, my main goal was the health and functionality of my nose. Dr. Rawnsley was a great match to both. Since I had my surgery last October, I have had no problems with my nose whatsoever. I didn’t get sick with a cold until over six months post-surgery, and even then– it never even affected my nose. I attribute that to the great job Dr. Rawnsley did fixing my septum and the huge improvement in airflow and health of my nose. Not to mention my nose looks great, so much straighter (the break made it much more crooked over the years, but it is straighter now than it ever was). Dr. Rawnsley is a perfectionist in the best way and truly goes above and beyond to make sure his patients are satisfied.


In addition to the great outcome, the office experience is five stars as well.  The staff is so great– friendly, responsive, and caring. A joy to interact with.


As my friend recommended Dr. Rawnsley to me, I also recommend him to you!

W.A., Venice, CA

Phenomenal doctor! My procedure was the easiest (and actually enjoyable) experience. Dr. Rawnsley and his staff made me feel comfortable, cared for, and important. I would recommend him to anyone and will go to him for anything I need in the future.

Anonymous Mom

Thank you once again for all you have done for her and for your kind treatment. I know she is extremely pleased with her results and has found a new level of confidence.


I am IN LOVE with my nose. IN LOVE. Please tell Dr. Rawnsley thank you sooooo much for me.


When I decided that I wanted to get my rhinoplasty, I really wanted the BEST surgeon possible.


I was hoping that that person was Dr. Rawnsley, and sure enough it was.


Considering how much the end result exceeded my expectations, I cannot imagine any other surgeon doing a better job than Dr. Rawnsley did.


Prior to my surgery, it was surprising how confident he was that it would turn out great and look just like I wanted it to…. but now it all makes sense because he did exactly that.


Not only does my nose look incredible, but I could not have asked for better service and care than that of Dr. Rawnsley and his staff.


I love my new nose!!!!! Thank you so much Dr. Rawnsley.

[name withheld]

Dear Dr. Rawnsley and Staff,

I am leaving tomorrow and I just wanted to tell you both a huge thank you for what you have done for me. I already feel better in my skin and feel such a weight off my shoulder.


Dr Rawnsley – Thank you for being so patient, understanding and keeping your word. This was the most important decision I took in my life so far and I am so happy that I put my trust into your hands and you have fulfilled more than what I was expecting.


Staff – From the moment I walked into the office, your smiles, “positiveness” and light encouraged me and made me feel more at ease about the whole procedure.


I could never thank both of you enough,

I will keep in touch about the nose :).

All the best,


He performed my husbands Nose surgery two weeks ago, and I wanted to let him know that he did an excellent job. Besides the fact that my Husbands nose is exactly what it was before the accident, he can comfortable breath though his nose now, Dr. Rawnsley was able to correct a pretty severe fracture and septal cartilage damage.


I personally have worked in plastic surgery for many years, being an OR Nurse as well as a Recovery Nurse and have seen hundred’s of procedures and many Rhinoplasty’s.


Our experience at UCLA was superb…

From a quick check in on the day of surgery, to very nice staff managing him during his stay, as well as Anesthesia…


They did a great job, John woke up quickly, clear and alert with no nausea.


We liked the fact that we could speak with Dr. Rawnsley before surgery and ask him as many questions as we needed too.Thank you again Dr. Rawnsley for doing a superb job, and getting us though a potential difficult surgery and recovery, mostly in a breeze.


Job well done… thank you!


I just want to send you a quick email to let you know how thankful I am every single day to Dr. Rawnsley. It will be one year in two days since my surgery, and every day I look in the mirror, and most of the time I think what a masterpiece my nose is .. every time I notice my nose that is. It really is, so beautiful 🙂


Please tell Dr. Rawnsley that I love his work. My nose fits my face. Great job! I am so happy!


Please tell Dr. R. that I think my nose looks amazing!! And that my breathing is so much improved! Dr. Rawnsley is a genius – thank you!


I am home and have finally had time to stare at myself in my own bathroom mirror and take a bunch of pics on my phone. I’m writing one more time to say I am so unbelievably happy. I have no idea how Dr. Rawnsley did this but he managed to accomplish something I couldn’t even articulate myself. He truly is a master and I am so terribly grateful. Please pass this along to him along with many blessings for the new year. Also, your reassuring presence along this whole journey was priceless, incredible and will not be forgotten. Thank you so very much.

Elle G., Seattle, WA

I’ve had two appointments in the last week with Dr. Rawnsley in preparation for a septoplasty to correct my deviated septum. I have been very pleased and reassured about the whole process. I work in healthcare, and can tell you that his office’s attitude and approach to patient care is above and beyond the norm. He and his staff have treated me exactly how I treat my patients: with dignity, kindness, reassurance, and respect.


Further, if you research otolaryngology and rhinoplasty surgeries, you will discover that not every surgeon is equal, I’ve spent months researching, looking for a skilled surgeon I can trust. Dr. R’s specialty is in revision rhinoplasty (i,e. repairing previous surgical fails). That type of procedure is extraordinarily delicate, requiring not only artistry with meticulous attention to detail, but also years of experience.

S.L., Santa Monica, CA

I originally called this office because Dr. Rawnsley was on my list of healthcare providers through my insurance co. (This was 6 years ago)….. anyway, I needed sinus surgery (removal of nasal polyps– oh what fun). I thought it was hilarious that when I called, the receptionist asked if there was anything else I wanted to have done. I was like “What?”…… She explained that this doc. started as an ear, nose, and throat specialist, but he is now a cosmetic specialist as well.


There was a tiny area on the tip of my nose that I felt drooped a bit between the nostrils that my former plastic surgeon was too scared to do because it was so minor and working in millimeters can be kind of scary because if they take off too much, then everyone is in trouble. Most of my friends couldn’t even see what I wanted to have done, but it was something that I thought would look really good if it was completed with accuracy (again… we are talking about millimeters!). It would take a skilled surgeon to do exactly what I had in mind.


When I saw Dr. Rawnsley, he seemed very confident and quick to say “no problem”….. One might even say he comes across as cocky. I was very nervous because he had not been referred to me so I didn’t know enough about his work to feel 100% confident in what I was about to do. His name was simply the first one that came up when I did my search of healthcare providers in my area.


In addition, he was pretty quick to say that he could do it (It didn’t even appear as if he had to give it much thought)… keep in mind, my last plastic surgeon was too scared because it required such accuracy. So, naturally, I was hesitant and mentally went back and forth as to whether or not I should go through with the cosmetic portion.


Well, the gamble paid off. The result was exactly what I asked for. I was amazed. My sinus problem is a recurring one and I was well aware (even before calling this office) that I will likely have to endure this surgery about every 7 years or so. This was already my 3rd sinus procedure (Prior to him, I had 2 other docs. in northern CA that performed the surgery).


Now, I won’t dread this necessary surgery every 7 years because I will definitely add a little nip or a tuck every time I have to go through this ordeal. Might as well make lemonade out of my lemons, right?


I also thought their staff was informative, patient, and caring.


BTW…. looking at the before and after photos on here, I wish I had gone to Dr. Rawnsley for my initial nose job.


Dr Rawnsley did an amazing job on my nose. He and his staff were both professional and sensitive to my needs throughout the process. Dr. Rawnsley’s artistic eye is what truly sets him apart from other doctors. He noticed several subtle elements of aesthetics that others missed in computer imaging consultation. Furthermore, the actual results turned out even better than the computer imaging which was a pleasant surprise.

Anna S., Malibu, CA

After years and years of research and many many consultations, I found Dr. Rawnsley. For anyone who has ever considered rhinoplasty or any cosmetic/reconstructive surgery it is a big decision. You really need to trust someone to be the best at what they do and to envision the same result you desire. I can’t say enough about how wonderful Dr. Rawnsley and his staff are. The staff at the front desk are amazing! He takes his time with each patient and addresses each and every issue, concern and question. I came in with a list of questions and he answered each one. I genuinely felt that he understood how important it was for me to look natural after my rhinoplasty and he even discussed the look of my nose in relation to my personality and other features. On surgery day, the staff at UCLA were fantastic. Friendly, competent, patient, kind…the whole package. A telling sign for me was that they all love Dr. Rawnsley and respect him greatly. There is no bigger compliment than the respect of those who see you do your work on a daily basis. I think the last word I remember saying before I went under was “natural.” And so it was….I love my nose. Its still me. Looks just like me….only softer and better. I had broken it years ago and my plight was to fix the bump but not look like I’ve had work done. Dr Rawnsley is an artist. His work speaks for itself. I could not be happier.

Milla S.

The gratitude I feel toward Dr. Rawnsley is difficult to describe in words. My cast was taken off three days ago. Even though there is still quite a bit of swelling, my nose is beautiful and I can hardly believe that it is mine.


For most of my life I disliked the appearance of my nose. It was over-projected, deviated to the right, with a larger tip. I am 28 and the reason I have waited this long is because in my years of research and meeting doctors, I could not find a doctor that made me feel safe and like I was going to be in the best hands possible.


Then finally, I found Dr. Rawnsley. I think that in almost every profession a person can be qualified to do something or they can be qualified to do something while also having a certain talent – a certain touch and a certain eye for beauty that is rare to come by. I saw this in Dr. Rawnsley’s before and after pictures and videos of his patients, and in seeing Dr. Rawnsley speak in the videos on his website. I saw that this is a doctor that is truly gifted and one that really loves what he does.


I travelled all the way to LA from Canada because considering the complexity of this surgery and the fact that this is my face, choosing a doctor that is skillful and has the rare talent and artistic touch that the best rhinoplasty surgeon requires was the most important part of this process. The difference in price isn’t a big one and it is worth it. I spent my 8 days of recovery completely worry-free about the outcome because I trusted that Dr. Rawnsley would give me a beautiful nose. I knew that Dr. Rawnsley would not leave the operating room until he was happy with his work. The fact that he did, meant there was a beautiful nose under my cast. And there was.


I have read often in patient reviews that their only regret after their surgery is not having done this sooner. Well for me this isn’t the case simply because having waited this long has allowed me to find Dr. Rawnsley. I am so happy that I did.


Dr. Rawnsley’s patient coordinator has been wonderful. She responded to all of my questions promptly and has even found a way to change the time of my post-op appointment on a short notice after I realized that I may not have left myself enough time to get to the airport on time. She has been very helpful and supporting through the whole process.


The day I found Dr. Rawnsley is the day getting rhinoplasty has become something very positive in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr. Rawnsley.

Ioana I., Los Angeles, CA

My name is Ioana Ionescu and am an actress/photographer. I had a rhinoplasy that went wrong in 2000 and have worked on rebuilding the nose that had been destroyed by a certain Dr in Beverly Hills. My first surgery was somewhat of a success and my bridge was built back up with gortex implants. Over the years I have had 7 surgeries to get my nose in the aesthetic place I desired but after my 6th surgery I began to have several issues with my health which soon developed into excruciating pain. I did a ton of research and wanted to find very best Dr, not the next “Who Is Who” Dr. I came across Dr Rawnsely’s name and went in for my consultation. I found everyone in the office to be so personable and kind, welcoming and helpful. Dr Rawnsley and I spoke in great detail of my history in regards to my nose and we came up with a plan to remove my implants that were causing a significant amount of pain. We discussed what the possibilities were in regards to removing the implants as well as maintaining a natural structure. We assumed that we could build my bridge back up with a piece of rib cartilage. I went in for surgery and was assured I was in good hands. Dr Rawnsley is caring and it makes you feel safe, not just another Dr looking to turn a dollar, which are the majority of most Drs I had dealt with in the past. When I woke up from surgery I felt for my rib cage and Dr Rawnsley came over to tell me that my surgery was a success and the implants had been removed and I didn’t require a rib graft. I was a bit concerned knowing that the only support I thought I had were the implants that had been removed. As time went on and I began to heal I realized that I didn’t mind not replacing the implants and really could see there was no real need. My nose has healed beautifully. I had very little recovery time and healed fast. Today I am not in the same pain I had prior to my surgery with Dr Rawnsley and was even more astounded that the aesthetics of my nose wasn’t compromised. I am truly grateful to Dr Rawnsly for his wonderful talent and intelligence in the field of reconstructive surgery. Thank you again and again and definitely would refer anyone considering augmentation of any kind. I am grateful and blessed to have come across such a terrific Dr who cares about the livelyhood of each individual.

Tina S.

My septorhinoplasty experience has been great with Dr. Rawnsley. It is apparent he is an extraordinarily talented surgeon (before and after gallery!) but something I wanted to touch on, which is impossible to get an idea of via his website or consultations, is the type of follow-up care he provides to his patients. Regardless of how much time you spend “Googling” doctors or looking through their website it is impossible to get an idea of the type of follow-up care you will receive until after your surgery. In my opinion, follow-up care is just as important as the initial consultation and surgery itself. Recovery is a long process full of ups and downs. You experience many different emotions which is why a doctor who truly cares about his patients and provides excellent follow-up care is imperative. If ever I had questions or concerns Dr. R’s Patient Coordinator (she’s wonderful), always addressed them right away. If I ever needed to speak to Dr. R he always made time to answer my questions right away. I have even written out lists of questions on a few occasions and Dr. Rawnsley has sat on the phone with me (I do not live in CA) and answered every one of them and told me to call back if I had anymore! I am a worrywart so I found this type of follow-up care to be priceless during my recovery process. In a nutshell, Dr. Rawnsley is an amazing surgeon who truly cares about his patients and their well being. I am very grateful I found him!


I highly recommend Dr. Rawnsley as the best plastic surgeon. I had, what he called, a very complicated reconstructive facial surgery after removal of skin cancer on half of my nose and right cheek in 2010. It took three 3-hour surgeries to complete the reconstruction, Today, there is no evidence of the 10-inch incision that was performed to reconstruct my face back to my prior appearance. I am completely satisfied with Dr. Rawnsley’s work. May God continue to bless you, sir, with the skills that He has given you!


Also, I want to commend the staff personally on the professional way they dealt with me in my very difficult days going through all the surgeries. From a patients standpoint, that is oh so important.

Samantha M., Whittier, CA

Dr. Rawnsley’s practice along with the UCLA medical center are the highest standard in care giving as well as plastic surgery! Every other surgeon and surgical center should be measured to this wonderful and skilled staff. I am a 20 year old female and I sought Dr. Rawnsley expertise after undergoing a botched rhinoplasty at a different surgical center, performed by another surgeon. From the first consultation Dr. Rawnsley and his staff treated my family and I with the utmost respect. He and his staff greeted us with a warm, caring embrace, as if we were part of their family. Their attentiveness and concern for my specific situation (revision rhinoplasty) was above any other doctor or surgical center, far and wide. The surgery itself, performed by Dr. Rawnsley, had an even better end result than I ever expected. I am extremely satisfied with my nose both physically and aesthetically. I no longer have problems with breathing and cosmetically Dr. Rawsley’s work is beautiful. My family and I are extremely grateful to him and his entire staff for everything they have done for us, down to the tiniest details. A warm hug, smiling face, and incredible talents are in abundance at Dr. Rawnsley’s office. MY FAMILY AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DR. JEFFREY RAWNSLEY!!

Chloe F., Los Angeles, CA

It’s been three months since I had my rhinoplasty with Dr. Rawnsley and I cannot recommend him and his staff enough. The whole experience has been absolutely incredible and my nose speaks for itself.


I chose Dr. Rawnsley because he gives a natural looking nose, meaning he gives you the best nose your face was supposed to have. This is great for someone who doesn’t want to look like they had “work done” and for people who want to still look unique.


I did not have a major issue with my nose (a slight bump), but had disliked it for a reason I couldn’t explain. And this is where Dr. Rawnsley’s expertise and his eye came into play. He was able to figure out what I liked about my face and nose and what I didn’t, then worked with me on several occasions with the pre-op imaging to get the look I wanted (and as a perfectionist, it was quite a difficult task!).


The actual operation was a breeze. The office provides complimentary Arnicare, and I barely had any bruising after my surgery. Dr. Rawnsley performed a closed rhinoplasty and does not pack the nose, which made for a relatively painless and comfortable recovery.


My result is better than I expected. Aesthetically it looks just like the pre-op imaging, but I was not expecting how people would react. I receive a lot of compliments like you look “younger” and “fresher”, a testament to how natural it looks. I had many close friends and family who were against the surgery, saying I didn’t need it, but now they are absolutely in love with my nose and how it has enhanced my features.


And side note, the patient coordinator is absolutely amazing. She is so warm and inviting. If you have any hesitations, she is there right away with questions and is your biggest cheerleader. Sometimes I think she is more excited about my nose than I am, which was exactly what I needed for the times when I was nervous before the procedure. I cannot recommend Dr. Rawnsley’s office more!

Anonymous M., Los Angeles, CA

I had a face/neck lift and upper and lower blepharoplasty seven months ago by Dr Rawnsley. I am very pleased with the results. I returned to work in two weeks and no one noticed anything except to say that I looked very rested. When Dr Rawnsley showed me the before and after pictures I was shocked at the difference, especially at angles I never see. I think I look 10 years younger. Dr Rawnsley is an expert at not over doing the procedure so that you look better but not like you’ve been “done”. My hairdresser, who recommended Dr Rawnsley, is thrilled for me and said that even another hairdresser would not be able to tell that I have had plastic surgery. His office staff are very professional and caring. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Rawnsley to my friends, relatives or anyone who wants to have a younger, fresher look.


I absolutely love my new nose. You are truly an amazing surgeon! I want to thank you and your amazing staff for taking fantastic care of me. The staff was so helpful and supportive. I appreciate everything you all have done.

An A., West Hollywood, CA

I met with many highly recommended plastic surgeons before deciding on Dr. Rawnsley and I couldnt be happier with my decision. Not only is he an exceptional surgeon but his bedside manner is impeccable! I really felt he listened to me about my needs and concerns and unlike other doctors I’d met with, never made me feel bad about the way I looked prior to surgery. He was always available to answer my many questions both before and after surgery. The day of my surgery, my very nervous mother accompanied me. The manner in which he took care of her not only comforted her, but assured me that I’d made the right decision by choosing him. As for my final result, the other day for the first time in my life someone said to me, ” You have the cutest nose ever!” ‘Nuff said!

John K., Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Rawnsley operated on my frontal lobe fracture. What makes him such a personable, caring and responsible person and doctor is the fact he postponed the surgery to obtain one last scan to make sure he didn’t have to first call in neurology.


I was so thankful because I had just been transferred from USC where they were ready to operate on me without taking these extra precautions. This solidified my trust and respect for Dr. Rawnsley.


I highly recommend Dr. Rawnsley. It’s a family atmosphere in the office and the staff, are absolutely wonderful, also. They are all very cordial, polite, comforting and great at returning emails the same day regarding any questions or concerns.


Dr. Rawnsley and his staff were marvelous! They were so caring and attentive which made the procedure that much easier. I am so pleased with my results and am loving this amazing feeling of self belief and assurance, which I have never had before. Thank you Dr. Rawnsley!


Thank you for the remarkable transformation… I am profoundly grateful to you for your talent, precision and honesty. When you said, “You don’t see the good work” you summarized your work. I am so lucky that you were the one to help me. The results of the surgery have lifted my spirits.

Tina V., Boise, ID

I was very hesitant about actually following through with my rhinoplasty dreams but I am so glad I took the plunge with Dr. Rawnsley. I spoke with Dr. R’s Patient Coordinator for a year before I got my rhinoplasty. I lived out of state and wanted to make sure 100% that I found the best doctor regardless of where he/she was in the country; after all this is my face! I asked her many questions throughout the course of my year of research and she always replied in a very friendly and professional manner. I really got the sense that she cared; she always treated me like an actual person not just some random person on the internet. Living out of state I often thought I was crazy for even thinking of traveling to L.A. to get a rhinoplasty from a doctor I never even met before!! She really won me over; she was amazing before, during and after the surgery.


After many e-mails and phone conversations I finally found myself sitting in Dr. Rawnsley’s office for my face to face consultation. Right off the bat he showed me (via computer imaging) what would look best with my facial features. I asked him to show me what it would look like with a more curved profile and he not only showed me but explained to me how it would result in an undesirable appearance. I am glad that he did not just nod his head and agree with everything I said; he took my other facial features into consideration and spoke candidly about what would and wouldn’t work with my face. At the end of the consultation he asked me if I was sure I didn’t have any other questions. He wanted to make sure I addressed all of my concerns before the “big day.” That meant a lot to me; I really felt like he cared. Afterwards, Dr. R’s Patient Coordinator came into the office and talked to me for awhile. We sat down and looked over the computer imaging pictures and she asked me if I was sure I asked all the questions I wanted to ask. The fact that they both made a point to verify that I left the office without any questions was huge to me.


Dr. Rawnsley spent a lot of time in surgery with me which is a good thing; somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 1/2 to 4 hrs on my nose. It makes me feel good to know that he gave my nose so much attention! I am very happy with my results. Dr. Rawnsley fixed my deviated septum, straightened my nose, turned it up a bit and reduced the tip. It looks amazing and very natural. When I look in the mirror my nose looks different but not too different. He did such an amazing job; he totally changed my nose but didn’t change it (I know that sounds odd). Dr. Rawnsley is an exceptional doctor! Before surgery (as I was being wheeled away) he smiled at me and told me everything was going to be great; my butterflies disappeared. He really listened to me and spent time on my nose. He was also great during my follow up phone consultations. I have another one in a couple of months! In a nut shell I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Rawnsley, he is an amazing doctor!


I am so grateful for having found you ….after breaking my nose eight times I never thought that I would look and feel the way I once did. You brought back the ability to breath in fresh air and you restored my appearance….you have brought back happiness into my life. Thank you.

Pat P., Los Angeles, CA

After surgery to remove a melanoma on my face in 2002, I was left with an excised area of missing skin on my cheek the size of a nickel. While I was glad that the cancer was removed, I was very afraid that I would be left with a disfiguring scar . It was my good fortune to be referred to Dr. Rawnsley for surgery to achieve the specified final margins and to perform the reconstruction. During the initial consultation Dr. Rawnsley explained that the procedure he was going to use would pull up the skin from the lower part of my cheek. Because he was the plastic surgeon recommended by my dermatologist, I was confident that his method would be successful. And I was not disappointed. I have a barely visible scar, and my cheek is still my cheek! I am extremely happy with the outcome and very grateful to Dr. Rawnsley for his experience and expertise.


After I broke my nose, I was self conscious about my appearance. The first time I met Dr. Rawnsley he told me that I was beautiful and that he would make me even more beautiful. He was patient and calmed my fears about the surgery. Dr. Rawnsley always knows the right words to say.

Marilyn S., Huntington Beach, CA

Receiving Dr. Rawnsley’s art and skill was a wonderful celebration of my “amazing new life,” at age 54. My 3 daughters were “out of the nest,” a 27-year marriage had ended, I had been living alone for 7 years, and my daily life consisted mostly of good employment and good friends, but, my heart yearned to meet and have a future with “that special someone.” MY LIFE CHANGED WITH TWO ACTS OF EXTREME FAITH AND COURAGE: 1. Online Dating, and 2. Cosmetic Surgery. Both 1 and 2 were turned out to be miraculous doorways to the new me and the new life I had worked for, was ready for, and was meant to experience. Being no stranger to prior medical challenges and surgeries (just to name a few – appendectomy, hysterectomy, colon resection for a perforated colon, and translaryngeal denervation reinveration for “spasmodic dysphonia”), I was exceptionally detailed and thorough in my search for a cosmetic surgeon with excellent qualifications and references. Dah! Dah! – I was thrilled to find Dr. Jeffrey Rawnsley. I drove from Huntington Beach to Westwood Village multiple times for the necessary consultation and preparation. On every occasion, I received the utmost of expertise, professionalism, and genuine caring from Dr. Rawnsley and his staff. I went into my FACELIFT surgery realistically informed and prepared for what to expect with the anesthesia, the procedures involved, the experience of waking-up, the in-facility hours of recovery, and the at-home weeks of recovery. Dr. Rawnsley’s gift to me was the ability to enjoy a beautiful, yet natural looking, appearance. After Dr. Rawnsley’s creation, everywhere I went, I heard comments like – “Wow, you look so great.” “Wow, you look so happy?” “Wow, what are you doing different,” “You look so great – did you change your hair color,” “Is that new make-up making you look so beautiful?,” “Gosh, I’ve never seen you look more rested,” “You look so revitalized,”, “Are you in love, or what?,” ” I’ve never seen you look so good.” It was amazing to me that even though my new look was such a masterpiece of perfection, that got constant raves about my “glow,” “youthful look, and “unbelievable change,” yet nobody came to the automatic realization that I had received a facelift. My neck, my jowls, my eyes, my skin surface – everything was improved and enhanced beautifully and naturally. Today, 6 years since Dr. Rawnsley performed my facelift, I’ve known my new husband for 7 years and we’re celebrating our 5-year wedding anniversary. My face in our wedding album photos is what I dreamt of. My face reflects happiness, radiance, youth and beauty. My daughters, other family members, and friends, all say that I look like I’m 10 or 15 years younger. What I love most, is that they don’t talk about my facelift or the “work I had done.” Instead, they rave about the results and how the me they love and the personality they know is amplified in my face, and they don’t focus on a medical reason connected to my face looking the way it does. Dr. Rawnsley gave me the face that any bride (especially a 54 year old bride) would want to see in her wedding album. I SEE MY INSIDES SHOWING ON MY OUTSIDES – AND THIS, TO ME, IS IN LARGE PART, DUE TO DR. RAWNSLEY’S MASTERPIECE!

Chelsea R., Los Angeles, CA

I would like to take this opportunity to express how wonderful Dr Rawnsley is as well as his exceptional staff. I scheduled an initial consult for a rhinoplasty with Dr Rawnsley because of his impressive resume and his affiliation with UCLA. I am currently a graduate nursing student at UCLA myself, working towards my Family Nurse Practitioner certification. I also have 7 years of ER and trauma experience as a registered nurse and have worked all over Southern California as well as Hawaii.


Upon arrival, his office manager was the first face I encountered, and she greeted me with a caring heart. She embraced me as a human being and put me immediately at ease. She assured me I had come to the right place. Upon meeting Dr Rawnsley, I noticed he was extremely polite, and maintained excellent eye contact. He was very organized, professional, and a great listener. We reviewed a variety of new noses for me via virtual photography and photoshop techniques in order to arrive at a shape and structure we both felt would fit and enhance my overall face. I felt safe, as well confident that I would achieve the results I was hoping for so I confirmed a surgery date with him 2 weeks later. He operates out of an Outpatient Surgery Center affiliated with UCLA and I was very happy with my care there. The nurses were all kind, compassionate, fun to talk to, and great at their jobs. As strong and tough as I am, I got nervous right before the anesthesia was given, and I asked the OR nurse and the CRNA to hold my hand and I remember they wrapped their arms around me like I was their daughter until I fell asleep. I woke up in moderate pain, which was to be expected, and I felt like I had the worst sinus infection ever for a few days, which was also expected. The following week I had to go back to work and could not make it into his office during normal 9 to 5 hrs so Dr Rawnsley went out of his way to meet me very early in the morning on my 7th post op day so that he could be the one to take my sutures out and not someone else. I am now 4 months post op and I am extremely happy with the results. My family and friends rave about how much prettier and sharper my face looks with my new nose. It has given me the confidence to walk taller and feel beautiful. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for quality work and great results.


I did read Dean R.’s “horror story” below and as a RN with a pretty strong resume I have to say her story seems a bit embellished and dramatic. Surgery, no matter how “minor,” is a serious undergoing and is not without risks and possible complications. Both the surgeon as well as the anesthesiologist take the time before any procedure to explain the risks that come along with whatever you are choosing to get done. To blame everything on Dr Rawnsley’s technique or actions is unrealistic and unfair. Many factors come into play when a surgery goes bad and 99% of the time it is a collection of multiple problems or sometimes, for lack of a better term, you can be the victim of some bad luck. I am sorry if he suffered, but really, his poor results could have been related to a lot of other underlying issues.

So, with all that said, choose Dr Rawnsley, he will make you beautiful and he takes a lot of pride in what he does. You will not be disappointed. Chelsea Routzahn, RN BSN CEN

Jackie G., North Hollywood, CA

Dr. Jeffrey Rawnsley and his staff are the ultimate professionals and the best in their field. Dr. Rawnsley treated me as his most important patient every time I was with him-whether in the office or during surgery. His care for me as a patient was kind and understanding, and his ability to make me feel comfortable while feeling any of my own anxiety was remarkable. I continue to be thrilled with the work he performed on my tired eyes–nothing was forced or pushed, and his natural handiwork now just makes me look younger and more rested. I recommend him most highly.


Dr. Rawnsley has helped me keep my youthful edge in my professional and personal life.

Diana S., Carmel, CA



Two of our daughters had surgery performed by Jeffrey Rawnsley, M.D. One daughter saw him last year and the other this year. Each had a Rhinoplasty.


Dr. Rawnsley is focused, professional and talented. He assessed each of the girls’ needs. He listened to what they wanted, then discussed his thoughts. Mutually, they decided what would be best. Dr. Rawnsley performed very soft touch procedures which minimized pain and bruising.


He is highly respected at UCLA by all of the staff. We have been thrilled with the outcome of the procedures and would recommend Dr. Rawnsley to anyone.


I am so pleased with my surgery results. Both the results and the recuperation time were so much better than I could have ever anticipated. Thank you and your wonderful staff for making this one of the best decisions in my life.

Natalie P., Santa Monica, CA

My experience with Dr. Rawnsley was one of my most positive medical experiences. I had never had any work done before and I was really nervous when I went into his office. The first thing that you’ll realize when you go there is how NICE everyone is. The woman at the front desk did everything she could to put me at ease. Shes’ really sweet.


Dr. Rawnsley himself is precise and asks as many questions as he gives answers to. He inspires confidence when you meet with him. I really felt like he wasn’t pushing me into anything, if I wanted to do it (it was rhinoplasty by the way) this is the approach that he’d recommend. And we sat with a computer that showed a simulation of my future nose as he explained how the process would work.


I was worried that I’d leave my first plastic surgery office visit feeling more insecure but it was just the opposite.


…And the procedure went perfectly. It was all done at UCLA. And I’m so glad that I did it. A big thanks to Dr. Jeffrey Rawnsley. He is THE BEST.

Don M., Redondo Beach, CA

Dr Jeff took care of a serious problem I have had for a few years – snoring. If you are married yet torturing yourself and/or someone you love, this can be really serious. Sleep deprivation is also a serious issue, so Dr. Jeff is the place to go!


In every way he was pleasant, professional, dedicated, responsive and awesome. The procedure was the 2nd time I had had it done and he did a great job. It helped me get back to being productive at work and to getting some much needed rest. He was very much the expert and carefully explained everything he was doing. His staff was exceptional as well – kind and courteous.


Not sure what the one star guy is all about – my experience was completely the opposite. Whatever lies you are reading here slandering him need to be ignored. I am pretty frank and not the least bit ashamed to rip someone when they need it on the web. Dr. Rawnsley is a real professional – a credit to his profession.


My business with the doctor has been spread out now over a few years – follow ups and what not. he is excellent. Strongly recommend seeing him – you will not be disappointed!!!


As a model, I know how important looking good is. Dr. Rawnsley is a doctor specifically trained in facial plastic surgery. He thoroughly talked with me about what the surgery would entail. I felt comfortable and confident that he was extremely qualified; his staff was also very friendly and helpful with any questions I had.


Post-surgery, I had a much quicker and easier recovery than I had anticipated. Dr. Rawnsley had performed my rhinoplasty so well that I had zero bruising and didn’t need to take any of the prescribed pain medication. I would highly recommend Dr. Rawnsley to anyone looking to improve their appearance.

Dawn T., Los Angeles, CA

2 months ago I had lipoma tumor excision in a prominent facial location. Dr Jeffrey Rawnsley was my present for all 3.5 hours of the surgery, as my plastic surgeon. Dr Rawnsley’s bedside manners were incredibly warm and calming. Dr Rawnsley has magic hands because my face looks exactly the same as it did pre-surgery. He is a wonderful and talented doctor and I highly reccomend him.


Dawn turner, mother of a 6 yr old, Los Angeles, CA


My experience with Dr. Rawnsley was so positive. From start to finish, the process was very timely and professional. Not only was Dr. Rawnsley able to repair some serious sinus problems but he also surgically improved the look of my nose and under my chin through rhinoplasty and some minor facial liposuction.


Since the surgery I have been able to breathe without any allergy medication or nose sprays. My quality of life in this regard has improved 100%. As far as the cosmetic improvements, the changes to me were substantial, but to others they were subtle enough so that people thought I looked better but weren’t quite sure why, which is exactly what I was looking for!

s f., Pacific Palisades, CA

After years of enjoying the California sun I decided it was time to refresh my poor sun-damaged face. I had heard of Dr.Rawnsley from a friend and after consulting with three other plastic surgeons I chose Dr. Rawnsley. Am I ever glad I did. I found him to be very thorough and easy to talk to. He answered all of my questions and eased my concerns about the procedure. I was not concerned with turning back the hands of time. I just wanted to look like me and look good for my age. Dr. Rawnsley’s work exceeded my expectations. I look just like me and he did turn back time just enough. All of my friends and family tell me how good I look. They want to know what kind of products I am using because I look so refreshed, but no one asks if I have had work done.


The procedure itself went very smoothly. I had the procedure in the morning and I did choose to spend one night in the hospital. Dr. Rawnsley was there when I came out of surgery and the following morning to make sure everything was o.k. before I went home. The first night at home I got a call from his office to make sure I was doing OK. Ten days later I went into his office to get my stitches removed and five days later I was out and about. It took me a long time to decide to go forward with this procedure. What I am most happy about was my decision to choose Dr. Rawnsley. The entire experience was handled in a caring and professional way. I could not be happier with the result . Thank you Dr.Rawnsley.


I wanted to thank you very much for the amazing job you did. I know it’s your job – but the results are better than I expected. So many things have changed for me all for the better and I just wanted you to know how much I really appreciate what you did.


Dr. Rawnsley gave me back a life of being able to like my face again. I am so pleased with the results of my cosmetic facial surgery. Thank you.

Brenda D., Cheviot Hills, CA

I am so grateful for having found Dr. Rawnsley ….after breaking my nose eight times I never thought that I would look and feel the way I once did. He brought back the ability to breath in fresh air and restored my appearance….He has brought back happiness into my life.


I’m writing to express how wonderfully impressed I am with Dr. Jeffrey Rawnsley. There is everything to be said about a Doctor who instills hope and confidence in his patients with the proof being in the ultimate results. I highly recommend Dr. Rawnsley to anyone in need of facial cosmetic surgery.